There are several factors to consider when you have a GE refrigerator not dispensing ice. Sometimes it’s as simple as discovering the door isn’t closing all the way. Other times, you may need to do a little detective work. Either way, we can help you troubleshoot why your ice maker isn’t behaving and get it to play nice again.

FAQ: GE Refrigerator Not Dispensing Ice

Door Not Closing Properly

The door needs to be completely closed in order for the ice to dispense from the tray. If there is any kind of obstruction or the door seals are damaged, the door switch won’t be pressed and the ice dispenser won’t work.

Inspect door seals for damage and ensure the door is fully closed to fix the problem.

ice maker making ice but not dumping

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Ice Freezing Together in Bin

Is your GE refrigerator not dispensing ice? It’s possible the ice is freezing together in the bin, which can happen with normal use. However, it’s possible you may have water leaking from the ice maker. Whatever the cause, this clumped freezing prevents the auger from breaking up the ice to dispense it through the chute.

If your GE refrigerator ice maker clogged up, use an ice pick to break up the ice so it moves freely. Consider hiring a professional refrigerator repair technician if the problem continues.

Ice Chute Jammed

Another common issue we see is an ice maker making ice but not dumping it. Good news for your GE refrigerator not dispensing ice- this one is an easy fix!

Remove the ice bucket and place a container in the dispenser recess. Use a wooden spoon to push the jammed ice through the chute, and this should get things flowing freely again.

ice cubes stuck in ice maker tray

Image from GE Appliances

Ice Stuck in Ice Maker

Do you have ice cubes stuck in ice maker tray? A GE refrigerator not dispensing ice can be due to an accidental shutoff. Check the ice maker lever arm. If the arm is up in the locked position, the ice maker is shut off. Release the arm so that it is down and see if that does the trick.

If this doesn’t help free the stuck cubes, chances are you have a GE icemaker auger not turning on your hands. If this is the case, we recommend you have your refrigerator serviced by a professional.

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