Dirt. Dust. Debris. YUCK! Thank goodness it’s almost time for spring cleaning! And while you’re at it, add clean refrigerator coils to the top of the list. Bi-yearly scheduled maintenance for your refrigerator will do wonders for keeping it running smoothly.

Clean refrigerator coils help your refrigerator maintain the correct internal temperature without overworking. When you start noticing your refrigerator is noisy, or not keeping food cold enough, it’s probably from nasty stuff clogging the coils.

Clean Refrigerator Coils in 5 Easy Steps

Clean refrigerator coils are the key to maintaining peak performance of your fridge. It’s not as daunting of a task as you may think, either.

clean refrigerator coils

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Materials and Tools

In just a few easy steps, you will become the DIY maintenance master as you clean refrigerator condenser coils.

refrigerator coil brush

Step 1 – Disconnect Power

  • Pull refrigerator away from wall
  • Unplug refrigerator for safety – always do this whenever servicing an appliance!

Step 2 – Vacuum

  • Locate condenser coils either underneath or on the back of the refrigerator
  • Remove the guard from the front of the refrigerator if applicable
  • Use a narrow hose attachment to vacuum all loose dust and debris
dirty condenser coils

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Step 3 – Brush

  • Use refrigerator coil brush to scrape stubborn dirt off of condenser coils
  • Use the brush to scrape the back of the refrigerator and anywhere dirt and debris is stuck on

Step 4 – Vacuum

  • Vacuum any remaining dust, dirt, and debris from all areas, especially around the condenser coils
  • Vacuum toe guard if applicable
  • Inspect to ensure you have clean refrigerator coils

Step 5 – Reconnect Power

  • Reconnect the power supply
  • Return refrigerator to its original position

So what’s next after cleaning the condenser coils? Tackle the inside of the fridge! A clean and organized refrigerator is not just nice to look at when you are searching for items to make a sandwich, it helps the efficiency of your refrigerator system all around.

Still not sure your refrigerator is running as it should? Contact Greenville Appliance Repair and let us take a look at it for you.