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4 Best Refrigerators in 2017

While shopping for a new refrigerator can be exciting, it’s also easy to become overwhelmed. There are so many options to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which is the best choice for you. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! In our opinion, there a few brands that have separated themselves from the pack when it comes to getting the most bang-for-your-buck: Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, and GE. Here are our choices for the best refrigerators in 2017:

Best Refrigerators in 2017

Whirlpool Double Drawer Refrigerator with Dual Icemakers

best refrigerators in 2017 whirlpool

  • Capacity: 26 cu. ft.
  • Top Features: Dual Icemakers, In-Door-Ice® System, 5-Temperature Option Drawer w/ Thaw Setting
  • Model #: WRV986FDEM
  • Retail Price: $3,399

If you love ice and plenty of it, this is the Whirlpool Double Drawer model for you. A secondary ice maker in the freezer holds an additional 5 lbs., so you’ll always be ready to host a party. And to add a cherry-on-top,  the additional ice maker doesn’t take up any valuable shelf space, with the In-Door-Ice system moving the ice bin to the door.

To learn more about this Whirlpool model, visit this link.

GE French Door Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup in Stainless Steel

best refrigerators in 2017 GE

  • Capacity: 27.8 cu. ft.
  • Top Features: Keurig K-Cup Brewing System, Hot Water Dispenser, WiFi Connect
  • Model #: CFE28USHSS
  • Retail Price: $3,299

You probably wouldn’t think a refrigerator could brew up a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, but you’re wrong. This GE refrigerator comes with a built-in Keurig K-Cup Brewer and hot water dispenser. In addition, the WiFi connect feature enables voice commands to control features like the hot water dispenser and refrigerator temperature settings.

Read more about this GE model here.

Samsung 4-Door Flex™ Chef Collection Refrigerator w/ Sparkling Water Dispenser

best refrigerator in 2017 samsung

  • Capacity: 34 cu. ft.
  • Top Features: Extra-Large Capacity, Triple & Metal Cooling, Automatic Sparkling Water Dispenser
  • Model #: RF34H9960S4
  • Retail Price: $5,999

This Samsung refrigerator’s extra-large capacity makes this one of the best refrigerators in 2017. It’s perfect for big families, or if you just need to store a lot of food (34 cu. ft. of capacity). Another unique feature is its automatic sparkling water dispenser, saving you money, space, and waste.

Check out all of this Samsung model’s features here.

LG Black Stainless Steel Series 4- Door French Door Refrigerator w/CustomChill® Drawer

best refrigerators in 2017 LG

  • Capacity: 30 cu. ft.
  • Top Features: Door-In-Door®, CustomChill® Drawer, Smart Cooling® Plus
  • Model #: LMXS30776D
  • Retail Price: $4,199

This LG refrigerator is truly versatile, as it features a CustomChill® Drawer that adapts to whatever you need it to be. With four distinct temperature settings, this drawer can store anything from meats to cooking ingredients and more. The Door-In-Door® model also adds versatility by adding bonus door bins, which allows for easy access to your favorite beverages and snacks.